eIDConference 9TH edition

Bogotá, Colombia, 2017 @ JW Marriott Hotel
10 & 11 October 2017




Date Newsletter Link
23/08/2017 eID Conference 2017 LATAM Edition - Book Now! http://mailchi.mp/multicert/eid-conference-2017-latam-edition-book-now
29/08/2016 Cybersecurity and Digital Identity: Security & Privacy http://eepurl.com/cdnWT9
26/08/2016 The impact of the new eIDAS regulation in managing electronic identities worldwide http://eepurl.com/cc5vcn
24/08/2016 eGov strategy and National ID Scheme use case model for Africa http://eepurl.com/ccttuX
18/08/2016 Novabase joins the eID Conference as Partner http://eepurl.com/cbOiVb
16/08/2016 UNESCO IBE opens second day of the eID Conference http://eepurl.com/cbh78T
10/08/2016 Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (INCM) is Diamond Partner of the eID Conference 2016 http://eepurl.com/ca0MSj
05/08/2016 Ministry of Science and Technology endorses the eID Conference 2016 http://eepurl.com/cau2IL
02/08/2016 eID Conference for the first time in Africa http://eepurl.com/b_5iIb
30/06/2016 Transforming Africa: An Agenda for a Sustainable and Empowered Future http://eepurl.com/b6OWv1
06/06/2016 eID Conference Transforming Africa http://eepurl.com/b4o7Yn
21/09/2015 Automated Border Control: Gateways to the Future or Gateways to Frustration? http://sh1.sendinblue.com/ngllk07t4c.html 


Presenting the Case for Access in Emerging Markets http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nhniw07t4c.html


Keeping it "real" in Virginia and around the world - anywhere, anytime, on any device http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nh4k807t4c.html


Sparkling the Drivers' Licence Debate: Physical, Digital, Electronic...or? http://sh1.sendinblue.com/ngv2w07t4c.html


Don’t miss how the World Bank makes eIDs count http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nfa6w07t4c.html
20/08/2015 AAMVA joins the eDrivers License discussion as eID Conference official supporter http://sh1.sendinblue.com/ndftk07t4c.html
17/08/2015 ICAO brings the Future of eDocuments to the eID Conference http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nd6c807t4c.html
07/08/2015 eID Conference brings you Estonia - Life in the Digital Society http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nc4ew07t4c.html
29/07/2015 FBI’s Cyber Division Joins eID Conference Roster http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nbuxk07t4c.html
22/07/2015 Early bird registration ends July 27—register today to save! http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nblg807t4c.html
16/07/2015 eID Conference - Get your Early Bird Ticket http://sh1.sendinblue.com/nbbyw07t4c.html
06/07/2015 eID Conference - Registration is Open http://sh1.sendinblue.com/naa1k07t4c.html
22/04/2015 eID Conference goes to the US http://sh1.sendinblue.com/na0k807t4c.html

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